“Rayne perfects the craft of deftly chosen details, simmering suspense and chilling surprises, all woven into a quiet, elegant narrative.”

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Sarah Rayne is the author of a number of acclaimed psychological thrillers, haunted house books, and historical mystery thrillers.
Here’s an introduction to her work, starting with the latest title in the ‘Theatre of Thieves’ mystery series, which is described by the publishers as ‘spellbindingly gothic’.
The Murderer Inside the Mirror: London, 1908. London 1908. The Fitzglens, one of London’s leading theatre families and part-time thieves, are plotting their next scheme, when they receive terrible news about Great Uncle Montague. He’s been killed in a tragic accident. But his death means they can search his house for his infamous iron box. Jack Fitzglen is certain that – if it exists at all – it contains something highly valuable… or extremely dangerous. Read more >>
Sarah Rayne with a sundial
Phineas Fox Books

The popular Phineas Fox series, first published in 2016, featuring the music historian and professional researcher, Phineas Fox. There are six in the series:
Death Notes (2016)
Chord of Evil (2017)
Song of the Damned (2018)
Music Macabre (2019)
The Devil’s Harmony (2020)
The Murder Dance (2021)

“If future installments are as gripping and intricately plotted as this one, it could have a long run…” Booklist, on Death Notes
“Fans of erudite mysteries with a musical slant are in for a treat” Publishers Weekly on Song of the Damned

VIEW all the books in the Phineas Fox series >>


The Haunted House Books

Sarah’s haunted house series, featuring the Oxford don, Michael Flint and the antiques dealer, Nell West, has received high praise from the critics, and the books have been described as ‘eruditely eerie’.

There are six novels in the series, and although they can be read individually, it’s probably a good idea to start with Book One, Property of a Lady.

“The haunted-house theme is one of the most venerable in the genre, and Rayne has given it new life in this series, drawing again and again on the secrets (and the horrors) contained within structures built originally to keep us safe…” Booklist

“Rayne perfects the craft of deftly chosen details, simmering suspense and chilling surprises, all woven into a quiet, elegant narrative.”  Kirkus

VIEW all the books in the Haunted House series >>

Watch Sarah Rayne talking about her acclaimed haunted house series, and the inspiration behind the books and the ghosts that walk through them.

The Psychological Thrillers

These are six stand-alone books, and have all received high praise, with Tower of Silence long-listed for the prestigious Theakston’s Crime Novel of the Year.

“Equal parts Daphne du Maurier, Josephine Tey and Ruth Rendell…  Rayne possesses superb story-telling skills…”  US Mystery Guild

“Had me both absorbed and fascinated as well as scared stiff…  Wonderful stuff!”  Euro Crime

VIEW all the Psychological Thrillers >>
Contemporary Horror

Sarah Rayne’s six contemporary horror books have recently been reissued in digital format. They were originally written under the pseudonym of Frances Gordon, and Blood Ritual was described by Time Out as “A superior example of the vampire genre…”

The three Immortal Tales titles are re-telling of traditional fairytales, and include the eerie Wildwood – the modern-day version of Little Red Riding Hood.


VIEW all the Contemporary Horror books >>
The Fantasy Novels: The Wolfking Quartet

Sarah’s widely-read fantasy books – the Wolfking quartet, first written and published in the early 1990s – have recently been re-issued in digital format.

There are four novels in the fantasy series. It is recommended that you start with Wolfking.

“Delicately wrought…”  The Times

“Before long you find yourself engrossed…”  Fear

“Perhaps the best fantasy on Celtic legend that I’ve ever read…”  Lester Del Rey

VIEW all the Fantasy Novels >>
Short Stories

To date, Sarah has written and published four short stories:
The Unknown Crime
The Forgotten Manuscript
A Clever Evil
A Strange Retribution
These are available in the short-story collection, Crimes and Punishments.

As well as being published in America and Australia, Sarah’s books have been translated into German, Dutch, Russian, and Turkish. Find out more about Sarah Rayne >>



The Books

The Articles


“The Murderer Inside the Mirror”. Book 2 of the “Theatre of Thieves” mysteries “Is this a forgery I see before me…?” Forgery is a criminal act, but also a wide-ranging craft. It can include a musical score purporting to be a masterpiece from Mozart or a long-lost...

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MUSICAL KEYS … The legacy of the music halls

Oxford Music Hall Old songs and half-forgotten shreds of old music can be a gift to an author.  Rather than sprinkling a crime scene with conveniently dropped, helpfully initialled handkerchiefs, partially burned letters or hidden keys to secret passageways, a song...

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Launching the newly-created Fitzglen family on their maiden voyage in Chalice of Darkness, I trawled a great many legends to provide them with a plot. There is, of course, an abundance of material when it comes to legends and lore and myths.  Some might be true, some...

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