The Phineas Fox Series

Psychological mystery thrillers featuring the music historian and professional researcher, Phineas Fox. There are six books in the series.

“The Fox novels are a joy to read. They’re beautifully written, with a strong protagonist and very cleverly constructed stories. Each of the Fox novels has been better than the last – with more complex stories that ratchet up the suspense to a new level…” – Booklist Starred Review

“Rayne is a fine writer, a sure-handed plotter and skillful character builder … Fox is perhaps her most intriguing creation…” – Booklist on Music Macabre

“Fans of erudite mysteries with a musical slant are in for a treat…” – Publishers Weekly

“Rayne writes with panache and imagination … A chocolate box of classical music, banter, historic tidbits, and spooky stories” – Kirkus Reviews

  • Death Notes: Book 1
    Death Notes: Book 1

    Phineas Fox uncovers the shocking truth about a scandalous 19th century violinist, believed to have been one of the murderers of the Russian Tsar, Alexander II in 1881 – encountering dangers that have survived into the present.

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  • Chord of Evil: Book 2
    Chord of Evil: Book 2

    A mysterious 1940s’ portrait leads to the uncovering of a devastating wartime secret: an atrocity whose repercussions reach to the present day.

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  • Song of the Damned: Book 3
    Song of the Damned: Book 3

    A macabre liturgy. A mysterious carving. And a 200-year-old mystery with, at its heart, the shadowy figure of Ginevra, whose true identity has never been known.

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  • Music Macabre: Book 4
    Music Macabre: Book 4

    Just what was Franz Liszt’s connection to the notorious music-hall performer known as Scaramel … and, through her, to the infamous Victorian serial killer, Jack the Ripper? In following the trail, Phin Fox plunges his own life into jeopardy.

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  • The Devil’s Harmony: Book 5
    The Devil’s Harmony: Book 5

    The discovery of an old scrapbook in a Warsaw library uncovers evidence of a devastating wartime atrocity – and also of a piece of music known as the Dark Cadence believed never to have been written down, and only ever played at a traitor’s execution.

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  • The Murder Dance: Book 6
    The Murder Dance: Book 6

    Researching the history of a dilapidated Elizabethan manor house, Phineas Fox uncovers the shocking truth behind a mysterious – and deadly – dance, and secrets stretching back more than six hundred years.

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