Contemporary Horror

  • The Burning Altar
    The Burning Altar

    Ancient demonic laws, macabre rituals, and a secret the Vatican has striven to hide for nearly two thousand years.

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  • The Devil’s Piper
    The Devil’s Piper

    The secret of a sinister piece of music has been guarded for centuries by an Order of monks. But the truth will not remain hidden for much longer.

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  • Blood Ritual
    Blood Ritual

    The legend of Elizabeth Bathory, the evil Hungarian countess who bathed in the blood of young virgins to preserve her beauty in the 16th century Carpathian countryside, continues to haunt her present-day descendants.

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The Immortal Tales series

  • Thorn

    A curse that has lain on a family for centuries awakes, unleashing a horror beyond imagining.

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  • Changeling

    The writing and staging of a new musical plunges a young girl into macabre danger, taking her to a strange captivity in a remote house on Ireland’s west coast.

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  • Wildwood

    A young widow and her small daughter are threatened by the past: a past mysteriously entangled with an ancestral Derbyshire family who once guarded England’s forests from a fearsome enemy.

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