The Murderer Inside the Mirror by Sarah Rayne: book cover

“…rich with history, murder, romance, theatrical rivalries, and tragedy… readers will be riveted by this suspenseful, provocative read packed with depth, drama, and charm.” Booklist

“…a playful puzzle with an elegant veneer and abundant twists… Rayne’s large, engaging cast of charismatic charlatans seems poised to reach beyond this second instalment in the Theatre of Thieves series for still more suspenseful adventures…” Kirkus

The Murderer Inside the Mirror


London, 1908. The Fitzglens, one of London’s leading theatre families and part-time thieves, are plotting their next scheme when they receive terrible news about Great Uncle Montague. He’s been killed in a tragic accident at his Notting Hill home.

Montague will be much missed, not just for his talent in art forgery, but his death provides an unlooked-for opportunity: the chance to search for his infamous iron box. No one knows what it contains – if, that is, it even exists – but Jack Fitzglen is certain it has to be something highly valuable . . . or extremely dangerous. Why else would the grand master of storytelling have refused to even drop a hint?

Jack is amazed when he finds the box – and even more amazed by its contents. An unknown play by one of Ireland’s leading playwrights, entitled The Murderer inside the Mirror. Jack reads the first few pages, and is struck by a nameless feeling of dread. But even he has no idea what kind of dangerous adventure the manuscript will take him on – one which will tangle him in revenge, madness . . . and murder.


Book 2 in the ‘Theatre of Thieves’ Mysteries