The Haunted House Books

The Michael Flint / Nell West Haunted House books. There are six books in the series.

“The haunted-house theme is one of the most venerable in the genre, and Rayne has given it new life in this series, drawing again and again on the secrets contained within structures built originally to keep us safe…” – Booklist Starred Review

“Rayne spins eerie yarns within yarns like a latter-day Isak Dinesen or Wilkie Collins…”
– Kirkus Reviews 

“… turns over the picked-over bones of the haunted house story into something fresh and frequently terrifying…” – Publishers Weekly

  • Property of a Lady: Book 1
    Property of a Lady: Book 1

    Charect House has such a sinister past that no one has lived in it for almost a century. When Michael Flint enters it, its grisly reputation wakes, and an old menace reaches out once more.

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  • The Sin Eater: Book 2
    The Sin Eater: Book 2

    An ancient chess set believed to possess a dark power. When Michael Flint is asked to investigate, facts emerge that suggest the chess set’s malevolence could be reality – and that it might be reaching out to the present.

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  • The Silence: Book 3
    The Silence: Book 3

    Mysterious piano music in a deserted house – music that is tangled with a vicious crime from the past, and the dreadful fate suffered by a long-ago murderess.

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  • The Whispering: Book 4
    The Whispering: Book 4

    A house harbouring secrets stretching back almost a century to the ill-fated Palestrina Choir in a remote convent… A shadowy young man who is glimpsed in the grounds of that house,and whose exact likeness appears in a sketch from 1917.

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  • Deadlight Hall: Book 5
    Deadlight Hall: Book 5

    A childhood blighted by a macabre tragedy towards the close of World War II. A curious old tradition called the Silent Minute – the midnight chime when the dying day hands over to the new one, and when murder is allowed a free reign…

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  • The Bell Tower: Book 6
    The Bell Tower: Book 6

    An abandoned bell tower in a Dorset village, where there are dark memories of a piece of music known locally as Thaisa’s Song. And within the tower is the old Glaum Bell, silenced after an act of appalling brutality during the reign of Henry VIII, but occasionally still heard to chime.

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